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USB Lamps 

Enjoy this tiny and cute mini sphere shaped salt lamp. It comes with a USB cord and LED lights inside which change color when the salt lamp is connected (colors change to green, red, yellow, pink, blue)..
• Heating the natural Himalayan salt lamp releases negative ions into the air, purifying the surrounding air.
• Soothes the atmosphere in the room and protects your body from electronic devices and electric towers that produce harmful positive ions
• Antiseptic – protects from colds and germs
• Once lit the natural Himalayan salt lamp, LED light will emit a calming Amber color and will automatically slowly switch colors between: Orange, Blue, pink, red, green and purple. 

We accept orders of any quantity, you can make a LCL order by choosing varied product options from our catalogue. We can also develop your customized product, design, OEM / private label and product packaging. Please feel free to contact our experts for assistance at +923166045705 or write us at sales@msaltpk.com for your query and further detail 

USB LampsHeight\WeightPacking
Ball Shape15 cm (Dia)4 pcs
Egg Shape17.5 cm6 pcs
Cylinder Shape17.5 cm6 pcs
Square Shape17.5 cm6 pcs
Cone Shape17.5 cm6 pcs
Drop Shape17.5 cm6 pcs
Pyramid Shape 15 x 15 cm6 pcs
Feng Shui3-4 KG6 pcs
Capsule Shape17.5 cm4 pcs
Diamond Shape15 cm4 pcs
Obelisk Shape17 cm6 pcs
Tree3-4 KG6 pcs
Mushroom3-4 KG6 pcs
Hexagon5-6 KG4 pcs
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