Himalayan SPA chunks Oval Shape Tray
In the past, it was also called “ the salt of the kings” because reserved to noble people at the times in which la plebe used rock crystal.
At the present time, the extraction of crystal salt is not economically rewarding, because the best quality is only found sporadically and only in veins which don’t make the use of mechanical tools possible. To extract it from the vein it is necessary to move a big quantity of rock salt – 100 times bigger – and the preservation of the natural virtues it is guaranteed only by the extraction and by the manual work. 

Regenerate your body with simplicity
The minerals contained in Crystal Salt are so subtle structurally to be easily assimilated by the cells. The intake and the properties of pure crystal salt are the most natural and simple ways to regenerate our body because, as absolutely essential element contains all the minerals and the oligo elements our body is made of. Thanks to the consumption of pure crystal salt and natural spring water, components of hydro saline crystalline solution, you will realise that water and salt hold what our body and mind need. Looking after this aspect is not only important to become healthier, but also to aware that our behaviour depends on our energetic level and by a balance that can be preserved or restored through the information carried out by natural water and genuine salt.

Chunks Sizes and Shapes: Different or custom requirements
Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange,Dark Pink,Light Pink,Crystal White
Also available in custom print packaging \ OEM Packging.

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