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M Salt– Pakistan’s first vacuum dried and the most pure form of Edible Salt that is known for its high quality and great taste in the food and high-end gourmet industry. We export Renowned Pink Rock Salt worldwide that is 100% natural and extremely rich in minerals.


We produce a comprehensive range of different industrial grades of salt catering to major industries in Pakistan and Abroad that include Chloro Alkali industry, Pharmaceuticals, Textile Dyeing, Leather processing, oil drilling and petrochemicals industry etc., fulfilling the specific requirements of each.


We bring you the natural salt cave in downtown Karachi where you can experience the amazing health benefits and supplement your well-being in a natural and extremely healthy environment.


Organic Secrets salt lamps and candle holders are not only used for their decorative aspects but more for their health benefits and their work as natural ionisers. Our organic based products line is carried by organic stores, health stores, alternate therapy clinics etc.


"M SALT is well established, registered, authenticated, qualified, manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Crystal products from Pakistan since 1979. M SALT has a very strong skillful force of employees, designers and craftsmen who have been busy day and night to produce best innovative designs in Himalayan rock salt crystals."

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"M SALT is known for best quality of products"

M SALT Salt Company Limited.

"M SALT introduces our self as a leading manufacturer"

M SALT Salt Company Limited.